Must-Haves for Management Accountants

This is a short list of must-haves for management accountants.

CIMA course book

One of the most important resources is a solid (well or several solid) theory textbook. It is not a book you read once before your professional exam but it stays in your bookshelf as a reference guide for many years. If you do not own one for whatever reason, we highly recommend this investment to you. Giving advise, we like the CIMA official study texts “management accounting (p1)” and “advanced management accounting (p2)”

CIMA or similar ressources

This is an essential resource to stay up to date with all the changes and developments in finance. As a member of your professional body, e.g. CIMA, you have access to their immense universe of accounting information. You may look up many useful whitepapers, studies or articles which help you in all areas of your management accounting challenges.

7 Habits book

This book is less obvious on first thought as it is not specific to management accounting. “The 7 Habits of highly effective people” deals with how to become more effective. It is a highly recommended read.

4 hour work week book

This one goes in the same category as the book mentioned before. Don’t get distracted too much by the title. It is not very likely that you will be able to reduce your work to 4 hours a week but the book offers many good ideas applying to management accounting.

Proper shirt

Dress to impress also applies to management accountants. So, make sure you have some proper outfits to look smart in the office. Visit Zalando to browse for some options.

Excel course

Excel skills are essential for a productive management accountant. So, if your knowledge is low, visit Udemy and register for an excel course. Watch out though, that you choose something specific to accounting.

Read 🙂

Well, not much to say here. You get some amazing information for free from this website and we hope this helps you growing and becoming an even better management accountant.